Malibu Joe : L.A.’s Coolest Paparazzo

Yesterday someone send me a link to Carson Daly’s morning show that brought so much light to my day I still feel a strange energy buzzing through my body. On his show yesterday, Carson Daly introduced Malibu Joe‘s music (Joe Mansour Sow) and had a great story to tell along with it. But then again Joe is the kind of character that any true Westside Angeleno has at least one story to share.

I remember when I first met Joe, it was more than 12 years ago in Malibu, I was 14 and sitting on the grass with my best friend drinking a Coffee Bean and there he was…beautiful, charming, stylish, and always smiley Joe Mansour Sow. He introduced himself as Malibu Joe, it all seemed quite surreal to me at the time. The whole paparazzi thing was not what it is today, it was a lot more intriguing, he was intriguing.

I remember going to The Creek (Malibu Cross Creek) any chance I got to see this Malibu Joe and dip into his wisdom and energy. I was fascinated by his stories and the way he told them. He as always been much more of a star to me than most of the people he shoots, but everything in life has its order. And maybe his time to shine as a musician has come. The plug that Carson Daly did on him yesterday was serious and super sincere, I just wonder how far it will take him.

I lost touch with Joe for 6 years or so when I moved to NY but was re introduced to him years later by Mr. Trendland, who had found a similar intrigue in him and a great friend. In the past years we have shared great times with Joe and watched him struggle through this zoo of a paparazzi world to survive doing what he really loves, music.

Listen to Carson Daly’s Story on Malibu Joe Here

Listen to some of his tracks below:

African Paparazzo

      3. african-paparazzo-vs93

Wake It Up

      4. wake_it_up_1

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