MADE Introduces
Light Field Photography to the Catwalk

Written by Jade Moyano
Photography Masha Maltsava

With innovation and support for young talent in mind, MADE’s incubation program (now MADE Fashion Week) was created as an alternative program that gave designers an incredible platform to showcase their work with all resources free of charge. By nurturing creativity and providing a platform where designers can grow and push boundaries regardless of economic background, MADE’s 11th season is one to watch out for.

Their image-focused, non-traditional approach to fashion has led to collaborations and relationships with bold designers and creators who are changing the face of fashion around the world. With names such as Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, and Proenza Schouler among its veterans, MADE Fashion Week is at the forefront of style innovation.

As an integral part of the design lifecycle, technology has transcended boundaries in fashion as much as it has in other aspects of our daily lives. With MADE now supporting about 50 bold designers each season and collaborating with the advancement of technology and Internet culture in fashion, its most recent involvement with CHROMAT and Lytro is one of a kind. MADE and Lytro have created a 100% Lytro Illum-powered lookbook for Chromat, the first of its kind, reinventing photography and using computational graphics to capture a more complete and immersive picture.

The integration of 3D and cutting-edge production techniques is bringing an entirely new category, Light Field Photography, to the consumer and professional markets. Cameras can now be transformed into a powerful computational photography platform that fundamentally captures a richer set of images, completely changing the way we perceive design. Take a look.
chromat lyrto MADE BTS
chromat inspiration

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