Mac De Marco

Mac De Marco : Pepperoni Playboy Documentary

There are few people in this universe let alone in the realm of music that have a way about being that’s as authentic, weird, intelligent, hilarious, passionate, and graceful all in the same moment as that of Brooklyn based Canadian hero Mac De Marco.


The self-proclaimed ‘Pepperoni Playboy’ is truly a sight for sore eyes and a breathe of fresh air in an industry that is jaded by overly-serious, overly-branded, overly-marketed, and overly-produced madness. And in the midst of it all Mac brings a blissful blast from the past in his delicate indie rock incarnation that is very much rooted in the subtlety of raw songwriting and the simplicity of raw personality. But his magic does not stop short at just the music, this man comes in a complete and dynamic package that we can all take a little something away from.


If you are to see one music documentary this year, let it be Mac De Marco’s Pepperoni Playboy.