Luxirare : Fashion and Food

For the Love of Fashion

luxirare-margiela outfit design-1

I was introduced to this Luxirare recently and have had a great time exploring the range of creativity present on the beautifully curated site. I can not really imagine a marriage of two more fitting things than fashion and food and to see them served up in this way brings light to my world. Featured here is an outfit created by the faceless gal behind Luxirare. She created this mesh two-piece ensemble to compliment the Margiela jacket, shown here as well, as a result of having nothing suiting to wear it with. Not a bad spurt of creativity if you ask me. I have only highlighted one of her garments but you should not miss Luxirare’s Michael Jackson Memoribilia as well as other pieces you can see on the site.

As for the Gastronomic goodness I have highlighted a range of Luxirare’s edible goods to give you a better idea of the entire aesthetic.

luxirare-margiela outfit design-2luxirare-margiela outfit design-4

luxirare-margiela outfit design-3

luxirare-margiela outfit design-5

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For the Love of Food