Thank You Very Much exhibition at Centro Cultural Recoleta scaled

Luciano Podcamisnky Five Series Art Installation at Centro Cultural Recoleta

Thank You Very Much! are a collection of artists from around the world based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Recently, they launched Luciano Podcamisnky’s first exhibition at Centro Cultural Recoleta. Luciano Podcamisnky’s five installations stem from his cinematographic background, not in the sense that they have nothing to do with film or video from a technical point of view, but that they are correlated in a visual approach as well as in subject matter, telling a story of contemporary life.

“Cama mortal” (Sunbed) is an open coffin , but inside it is really a solar bed.

Podcamisnky inspiration behind the five installations were “current everyday life; individuals living in this distant world called modern; a world which gradually is leading us to a lack of communication, robotizing human relations”. He goes on to mention that “this is, in general, the main subject of the global presentation, where every creation is complemented with the other, generating a different approach of our society and of our particular life.”

“Habitación disponible” (Room available) is a miniature motel room inside a Chrysler Town & Country pickup.

“Cena íntima” (Private Dinner) shows a traditional two-persons dinner. In the middle, the table is separated in two by a jail cell and the couple is separated by a window, being forced to communicate through mobiles.

Píldora diaria” (Daily Pill), is a giant pill slightly open, showing the trash coming out.

“Recién casados” (Just married) is a tiny big dipper with a couple rising their arms inside an old convertible.

Podcamisnky reveals that
“each piece has a strong aesthetic development, a synthetic narrative and a bit of humor and irony. Our minds are able to build stories and daily moments starting from the work itself and finishing inside the observers’ imagination.”<