Louise Goldin London Fashion Week

Louise Goldin’s futuristic military collection was in the usual Goldin style of very structured and padded silhouettes. Colour palettes of moss greens and army blues with red and gold accents run with the current military trends of New York and London fashion week.

Still big on the shoulders Goldin also padded out at the body with a chunky fur coat, and at the hips with geometric shaped pockets and panels. The padding and structures are body armour like, sticking to the collection’s theme.

As a knitwear genius Louise Goldin’s 3d effect comes from months of hard work. Pushing the boundaries of knits into new directions, she has successfully translated knitwear into a space warrior look. The show was full of beautifully crafted fits and cuts into exaggerated a-line tunics, lampshade skirts,  pockets on upper arms and fiercely protruding structures. Stand-out pieces for me included the militant green lampshade skirt, with gold cracked leggings and studded shoulders, along with a strong black dress with, glitter pannel skirt and leggings.