Lizzie Gill ‘s Houseparty Benefit Series

New York city native mixed-media artist Lizzie Gill, transports the viewer back in time through her use of found images sourced from vintage magazines. Using a universal language, Love, the artist casts a dreamlike spell on notions of modern endearment through temporal explorations. Her work is a continuing exploration and commentary of contemporary mores in our digital first lives.

Gill has launched Houseparty, a limited edition print series benefitting front line healthcare workers. Twenty-five percent of proceeds will go to Fuel The Fight NY, which provides meals from local NY restaurants to those working tirelessly to keep us safe. @Fuelthefightnyc


Lizzie Gill_Housparty_

As we reconsider how we access and interact with artwork during this time of worldwide sequester and instability, the artist intentionally created this collection, of ready to hang works to address the current disconnect. The series, created in isolation, features surrealist compositions ironically juxtaposed with titles based in pre-pandemic reality; such as in Meet Me Anywhere (But My Apartment). These works are inspired by a shared longing for escapism, captured through the visual language of transferred nostalgia. Each work is an edition of 25 priced at $450, artworks arrive framed and ready to hang (with you).

Gill_HP _FramedWhite Gill_HP _FramedWhite Gill_HP _FramedWhite