Little Majorette: London & Overflow

Listen to “Overflow” here

      1. Little-Majorette-Overflow


      2. Little Majorette_London


A Swedish threesome is as fantastic as any in the case of Little Majorette indie pop-excessive volume pumping. Between their latest two singles, it was a conflicting internal debate of which one to feature. “London” is a switch up of fun retro samples and soft vocals with a hard beat, while “Overflow” oozes with personal lyrics, riding on an upbeat pop sensibility and adorably 50’s-influenced background vocals. And well, I’m a kid at a musical candy store and I want both. Look’s like there’ll be no tantrums today. I decided to be greedy and go with the both of them. It was too hard to resist.

The trio consisting of singer Zoe Durrant, Petter Winnberg and Nils Tornqvist perfects their catchy choruses and add themselves to the Swede’s long-listed repertoire of bred talents. Congrats for birthing another great act!

Enjoy les deux!