Lips: Everything to Me (Christian Strobe Remix)


Listen to “Everything To Me (Christian Strobe Remix)” here

      1. Everything to me (Christian Strobe Remix)

In “Everything To Me,” Lips sings a sweet song of passionate longing for adventurous love. The candy-coated voice in which the Brooklyn-based New Zealander sings could lull a lion.

Christian Strobe‘s remix took the track and amplified its chilled-out, experimental beginnings with some heavier beats, a quicker tempo, and dreamed up an even dreamier melody. Strobe may have to absorb most of the public adulation for the Lips’ (aka Stephanie Brown) song, not because of conceit. The fresh face has yet to step into her own spotlight, let alone get a photo snapped of it. The low-maintenance artist is even self-released, with only a account to her name–along with some blogger love. There is much more in store for this Kiwi. Stay tuned.