//SKID: A Unique Wooden Chef Knife

When an idea becomes reality, the Germans interdisciplinary group of engineers, designers, computer scientists and blacksmiths, form together a team with an extended set of skills and expertise. After 2 years of R&D and prototyping, Lignum was born. They also launched last month their Kickstarter who is now fully backed with final shipping date of April 2017. Their wooden chef knife //SKID is over 97% Wood and only 3% finest steel and is the first one of the Lignum Family.


The body of //SKID is etched from a single block of Robinia that comes from nearby forests in Germany. This hardwood is one of the best materials for kitchen products. The high concentration of tannin has an self-cleaning and antibacterial effect. So no more chemical cleaners are necessary for cleaning your //SKID.

It took them nearly two years to create this unique wooden chef knife: the perfect synergy between cutting-edge steel and the most sustainable wood with exceptional durability.