Leo Burnett’s Currency Campaign

Maybe you cater to the emerging thought point that the world would be better to do away with currency, and the systemic collapse of drachma, lira, pesos, pounds, dollars, is the starting point. Or, like me, you’re in Carrie Bradshaw’s camp, who said, “I like my money where I can see it, in my closet”. No? Wherever you may stand on the issue, I think we all can give a little appreciation to money art, especially over the last few years. Even better, Leo Burnett Moscow took it to a new level – with a campaign for French home improvement retailer Leroy Merlin, which dissects the architecture from prominent banknote buildings. Makes you think just a little as to where the value of our currency really is – in the hands of those that build our foundations.

More information at www.leoburnett.ru