Leisure: Early Morning Skies

Listen to “Early Morning Skies” here

      1. 02 Early Morning Skies


Agile on pitch and animated on verse, the young trio of Leisure stretch their vocals and electric vibes reaching rock-pop heights from their Boston backyards (Belmont natives) to the Bay Area. Lead vocalist and keyboardist, Jed Rouhana, pairs his moody beats with bassists and guitarists Chris Link and Sam Hamad. Leisure sets sail faintly echoing Empire of the Sun with their hit Early Morning Skies, and skimming the surface of a revamped U2 with their popular track Green Light under San Francisco’s Crash Symbols Label. Speak of a Green Light upgrade is due out with a Clive Tanaka remix in early 2012.

A bulb of electro-rock the group refers to themselves as pure rock and roll. Making noise early on in high school, these young musicians have turned Boston into a launchpad for music screams and the indie beat scene. For the amount of brow-raising they’re generating, the band manages to keep an almost esoteric profile as they slither into East coast venues and stick with all the right crowds. They’ve dabbled in film (Sam Hamad) and economics (Jed Rouhana) but have secured their place in the music stream. As they continue to roll with soundwaves, their music is gaining buzz and their talent is getting booked. Early 2012 will welcome the release of new singles off their album Plastic Soul under SF label Turntable Kitchen. If you’re prowling NYC this month, catch Leisure on December 15th at Glasslands Gallery for the holiday party.

Listen to “Green Light” here

      2. 03 Green Light