Le Balcon: A Unique Space Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for Air France New Business Lounge [Paris]

Waiting for your flight has a whole new meaning with the exclusive space French designer Mathieu Lehanneur created for Air France. At the center of Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport you can find « Le Balcon », a sophisticated space located inside Air France Business Lounge, in front of the landing strip.

The space is composed of a massive wooden bar with curvy lines. Floating above a giant golden mirror cloud reflects the ballet of the passengers. If you look around you can find various cosy spaces with couches, chairs and tables where you can sit, relax and enjoy the view.

The chic aesthetic is created by adding materials like marble, blue velvet and golden accents. Always aware of the necessity to create a unique experience, the designer added an immersive and digital touch. On the ground you can find a large LED screen diffusing light. From the light of dawn until dusk, this giant porthole reproduces the variations of a day in real time.

Written by Guest writer Camila Rigaud.

Photography by Felipe Ribon ©