The Latest Trends in NZ iGaming Industry

The world is fast-paced, and the changing trends are evident in the iGaming industry as well. Of course, these changes are expected if online casinos must remain relevant and keep the customers entertained. According to a study by Jupiter, the returns from online gambling are predicted to hit 1 trillion dollars by 2021. With a range of new operators arriving, the online gambling industry will become a more in-demand industry.

There has never been more competition, and operators are looking to win and retain customers. The most effective way to attract frequent users would be for casinos to implement cutting-edge technology solutions. Below are a few of the latest trends in the iGaming Industry.

Convenience Payment Methods

The payment methods available at a casino are one of the primary factors that prospective customers consider before they sign-up. In fact, instant paying sites listed at NZ CasinoDeps with multiple payment options are more likely to attract new customers than those with just a few. This explains why convenient payment methods are part of the latest trends in the iGaming Industry. Prior to the times when payment online became possible, players had very limited options, which included paying with physical cash. However, suppose you are going to enjoy the best of iGaming at your convenience. In that case, methods like PayPal, card transfers, and other online payment methods are the way to go. One of the best and straightforward payment methods that have surfaced with recent trends is Pay-by-phone.


This payment method is easily considered the safest as no personal information is needed to pay money into a casino account. However, it is limited to deposits as your gambling bill is added to your monthly phone bill. Tons of other payment methods now exist to cater to customers from different parts of the world where gambling is legal.

The Latest Trends in NZ iGaming Industry

Simplified Verification Process

For the sake of making the iGaming environment a safe haven for gamblers and operators, KYC has been made mandatory in some jurisdictions. This would require that all customers verify their identity and other important information with an online casino after they sign up. In many casinos, players who are yet to complete their verification process cannot withdraw their wins. Now, verifying your identity as a customer of an online casino has been made much easier. Some casinos now give players the option to quickly fill an online form or send the required document via mail. Customers can also go about their business in the casino in no time since the verification process is usually completed in a few minutes.

Enhanced Mobile Gaming

Online casino developers work hard to produce both desktop and mobile game versions. Smart devices provide users with access to casinos from anywhere in the world. The number of mobile casino users is continuously growing, and the chance to play any casino game from various screens is exciting for players. Some casinos are taking things a little further by having dedicated apps that encourage mobile-play even more. With such casino apps, players no longer need to rely on their browsers to access games. All a player has to do is lunch the desired casino’s app and keep playing all they want. Also, mobile apps allow all the features that web casinos allow. Thus, players can make deposits, withdrawals; enjoy bonuses and lots more from a mobile casino app.

The Latest Trends in NZ iGaming Industry

Virtual Reality at Live Casinos

If you thought virtual reality was limited to video games, it’s time to think again. Casino operators would like to retain the network for customers. For this reason, games are created to be more engaging and trendy. Virtual reality provides realistic gameplay to all categories of players and improves the gaming experience. The most advanced firms, including Microgaming, NetEnt, and Novomatic, have regularly developed virtual reality games. On the flip side of the coin, augmented reality allows users to use holograms and experience the real casino theme. For player interaction, live casinos are critical, so introducing something close to the iGaming world is a win. Leading operators connect live casino elements and VR effects. Live casinos allow players to communicate with other gaming customers that mimic real life. Roulette and poker are the most interesting live games for consumers.


Included in some casino platforms online are blockchain solutions that attract additional users. The technology from Blockchain enables smooth and fast transactions. In addition, consumers may enjoy absolute anonymity as user information is not sent to banks and other intermediaries. A great thing that Blockchain affords customers is the luxury of higher deposit and withdrawal limits. Thus, players who love to gamble big do need to deal with troubles from the bank. Withdrawing wins also doesn’t attract excessive fees like when other withdrawal methods are used. Blockchain is arguably one of the best trends in iGaming recently.