Layer Design’ Envisioned Smart Seat Concept for Airbus

We always been found of some great Airline concepts, and this time, it is British design agency Layer Design that went on re-inventing Airline seats. A lighter way to fly is a dreamy futuristic air travel concept proposed to Airbus. With such lovely details, from the smart textiles and clever functionality, to the back seat table design and their colors. We’d love to see more of designed airline seats.

From the Studio:
Move is a prototype airline seat for Airbus that utilizes smart textiles and clever functionality to improve the experience of Economy Class short- to mid-haul flying.

The digitally-knitted seat cover uses a smart textile in combination with sensors to enable passengers to monitor and control various factors – including seat tension, temperature, pressure and movement – using the Move app, also designed by LAYER.

Throughout the journey, Move analyses data and automatically adjusts to the passenger to maintain optimal ergonomic comfort. Move can also be configured by both airline and passenger to fit a wide variety of user needs.

The lightweight, adaptable seat structure reduces the on-board weight of the aircraft, resulting in significant fuel savings and a greener approach to flying. This forward-thinking functionality is the result of an extensive research program conducted to highlight and solve the main “pain points” of flying.