La Maison du Pastel

Despite the growing trend in in fashion today to identify with the artisan,  authentic artisanship is far and few within our contemporary consumer culture. La Maison du Pastel is one of these rare gems of history whose workmanship dates back to the 18th century. Since the acquisition by Henri Roche 1878, the house has specialized solely in the hand-making of pastels, at which time there were only 100 tints. By 1887 the range expands to 500 colors and from then on, “La Maison du Pastel” sees a continuous growth in palette, and Roché pastels become renown worldwide for their specific qualities.

Henri Roche’s family business has seen all kinds of turmoil through 2 world wars. Despite the stopping and starting, the invasion of the German’s in his workshop, age and illness, Roche prided himself so deeply on the art of this workshop and business, that through all this history he always found a way to keep it alive.

After reading all I could find about the history and making of this house and seeing these beautiful photos documenting the process of making pastels, I fell so deep inlove with the idea. Just looking at the pictures you are taken through a visual journey and transported through time.