LA Cactus Store ‘Pops Up’ in New York

Two years ago we introduced you to the now famous Cactus store in Los Angeles. The cacti emporium who’s selling more than 1,000 ultra-rare specimens is now moving east, landing in a temporary greenhouse and store on Essex Street. If you are a cactus lover like us, you should definitely have a look because there’s nothing like it in New York!

“This is not a nursery where there are fifteen flats of the same plant—these are hand-selected,” says Carlos Morera, who established the Cactus Store in Echo Park with partners Jeff Kaplon and Max Martin in 2014.

“They come from so many different parts of the world, so why not bring them to New York?”

The group teamed up with DLJ, a local developer, to build a temporary greenhouse and store on an empty Lower East Side lot sandwiched between two buildings. Kaplon, who is trained as an architect, designed the sloping, aluminum-framed tent to keep both the plants and customers happy. Inside, the cacti—all selected specifically for the pop-up—are arranged on a table like otherworldly art objects.

11am-7pm Tues-Sun
5 Essex St.
New York, NY