Kon Trubkovich’s Glitch Paintings

It was just a matter of time before young, modern artists would draw from technology and gadgets for inspiration. Take the work of Kon Trubkovich, a Russian-born, New York-based artist born in 1979. He begins his work by filming his own videos, which he further analyzes, sometimes presenting selected clips as separate films, and then decides which stills will go on to become intriguing still-life works.

His oil and graphite canvas paintings present their own distinct statement, complete with true-to-form blips, glitches, and interference. This is most recently seen in his Transmission series, where people’s faces have been distorted beyond identification.

“As the films and stills coexist it becomes unclear which precedes the other. The ethos of ‘…do something, do something to that, and then do something to that’ (Jasper Johns) takes precedent in his process, resulting in a more enigmatic dialogue,” states Kon’s artist biography in Museum 52, where he had his first solo exhibit back in May 2007.

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