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Kobe Bryant Art Tributes

Fans have been paying tribute to Lakers legend Kobe Bryant with art since his tragic death in the helicopter crash that shocked the world on January 26th along with his daughter Gianna and seven others.

One of the artists quotes Kobe as saying “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.” The outpouring of heartfelt artworks flooding the internet proves just how inspirational Bryant was and how his legend will continue to live on.

Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant recently posted a photo on Instagram of their daughter Natalia in front of one the street art murals captioned “my babies. Natalia. #winterformal #together #family”

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Over 2 million people have signed the petition to have the NBA logo updated to reflect Kobe Bryant. To me it would be a fitting and rightfully deserved tribute to make the change. Jerry West, who is the current logo, has previously stated it’s embarrassing that he is still the logo and wishes it would be changed. Jerry was the person who drafted (traded) Kobe, he was the person who believed in him when others didn’t. Kobe is everything that represents what basketball truly stands for, he is the modern day global ambassador of the game. The reason why I would chose a dribbling pose over a fadeaway or dunk silhouette is that the change is minimal, respectful and something all fans could be happy with as respectfully the NBA is larger than Just one person so the logo shouldn’t represent one. This would leave the logo of more of an update/refresh than something completely new. Please make the change @NBA @adamsilvernba ?? Click the link in my bio to sign the petition. Petition creator: @thetyvonfettuccine – Design: @tysonbeck – unfortunately I’m seeing this artwork I’ve created spread like crazy but taken by others who are saying they created it and even worse it’s being illegally sold all over the internet and I’ve received messages stating that I’m selling it. I want to put out a statement that I’ve never sold this piece nor have I sold any of my artwork online, I don’t even have a store and my followers would know I’ve never once linked my artwork to be able to be purchased. I do personal work for the love and client work to put a roof over my wife and daughters head and food on the table. If you see anyone selling any work of my Kobe related artwork please DM me so I can take action and remove it ??

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I only draw things when I’m inspired.

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I’ve been putting this post off cus I don’t really know what to say. I never know what to say or do when stuff like this happens, but I wanted to send up love on 2-24-20. It was a blessing to see Mamba in our life and learn from his mindset/know his talent on and off the court. We gotta live on for those that are robbed from this life man. In the past I’ve learned to always live every day like it’s the last and give everything my all, but this made it even more real. I do everything I can, while I can, for my people and tell them I love them. Cherish all the moments big or small. I’ll continue to put the grind in every day. No excuses. No complaining. Push myself to be my best and nothing less. Only joy and the love for the game of life. My heart and prayers go out to everyone affected by this. Your teachings, lessons, mentality, love, and energy will exist forever, Mamba. You always showed up and showed out. Legends don’t die baby. Live on Kobe. Good lookin out. Do ya thing brother. All love ???????? This is the art break down over these past weeks, progress over time, in order to finish by the celebration of life day. Only love. Official post is on my main page @camm_dunne . . . . . @vanessabryant @lakers ???? #alllove #kobebryant #kobe #gigi #respectonly #kobeart #art #mambamentality #memorial #mambaforever #8 #24 #2 #lakers #lakersnation #lakeshow #losangeleslakers #losangeles #blackmamba #love #basketball #neverforgotten #nba #foreverinourhearts #arttherapy #creativity @lakersscene @kingjames #housethatkobebuilt #staplescenter #giannabryant #lakerfamily

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#kobebryant #rip #Mambaout

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Forever in our hearts.

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Acrylic, 16"×20" KOBE I got to see Kobe play once. A friend and I drove 3 hours in high school to watch the Lakers play. We got in hours before the game. Before the crowd. No players shooting. No refs. Nothing. Nothing but Kobe, running lines, and working hard. He was 18. He didn't start. He was young. But always had that work ethic. I respect hard work and practice. I painted this painting for D.J. Wilson, @bucks . I've known him since he was about 5. And have watched him work hard and grind. Through high school, then onto @umichbaseball , then into the @nba . Keep grindin' young buck! Respect. Special thank you to @teakneeya for this opportunity. This was close to my heart. I hope it hangs proudly. ALOHA @lanky_smoove #portlandartist #portlandart #pdxartist #pdxart #djwilson #kobe #kobebryant #kobeart #kobebryantart #kobetribute @marcelashoward @kobebryant #Lakers @vanessabryant @nbaontnt @#gigi @lakers @bleacherreport @sportscenter #tribute #respect #laart #losangeles #kbart #kb #kobebryantartwork #rip #blackmamba #kb20

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