kinkid colorine album

KinKid: Colorine Album

The electronic beats from the independent scene of Rio de Janeiro won over a good rep with the debut album from producer Kinkid, also known as Jose Hesse.

Colorine is a project that came from the unconditional necessity of creation and expression of a regular human being. Its like voice to a soul, a way the artist found to be heard. KINKID walks on particular poetry of lyrics, ambience and sound design. Away to avoid the obvious and reach a more experimental path.


You can hear influence of artists like Four Tet or Thom Yorke in his work. A true devotion for music.
He defines the project as a way exorcise his on demons and finish it saying that he does not expect anything from music, the art it self its everything. he had release his debut album called “Colorine” this year. its mastered by Matt Colton (worked with james blake/cold play etc) in London. ITs a calm yet aggressive path to taste a lil of his world.”


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Album Artwork by Sliks
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