Noomi Rapace by Aitor Throup

Flying Lotus Scores Short Film A Portrait of Noomi Rapace

Flying Lotus emerged on the scene yesterday with a masterful score for short film, A Portrait of Noomi Rapace presented by Nowness. The Aitor Throup directed piece is a eye capturing documentation of his subject, taking place over 7 self contained short acts with a separate song to accompany each.


Just as we are expecting new material from from FlyLo in his forthcoming album ‘You’re Dead!’ to be released October 7, the majestic music man comes out of left field delivering a injection of his genius in a format that is not conventionally used as promotion approaching a release. Something we should all appreciate in the scheme of constant redundancy we call the music industry.


Needless to say Lotus’ touch brings to life to the obscure and formative footage taking place in the film and the marriage is definitely a work of art.