king krule

King Krule: Easy Easy


It was early 2011 when we heard about a young ginger boy coming from the suburbs of London. His surprisingly wounded voice caught the attention of many, after all he was only 16 and was going deep, lyric wise. First performing under the name Zoo Kid, Archy Marshall turned into King Krule with the release of his first self-title EP.

      1. King Krule: Easy Easy



Next year, he performed his first show in NY, at Mercury Lounge. It wasn’t sold out, only a crowd of curious people who already knew what he would become. I remember at the end, he and his band sat by themselves, selling the tour T-shirts. Archy, who under a secret name does graffiti on the streets of London, was drawing on all the T-shirts. After that first EP, Archy went through a one year and a half hiatus, only releasing two singles in 2012. But believe me, he could have released many many more, because he has a million recorded. Maybe for that reason, it was hard to decide what to show to the world. It was a necessary time for him to grow as an artist and as a man.


July, 2013, came with news of the release of his debut album “6 Feet Beneath the Moon“, produced along with Savages/the xx collaborator Rodaidh McDonald. High expectations left the now 18 year old boy with a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom, his second visit to NY. He played everything the audience wanted to hear, his first EP, the singles in between and some new songs from the album. All dressed up in suits, the band jammed a jazz together at the end, and if I could express how it resonated, it would be what silence would sound like. It was a serene and calm moment accompanied by a long applause.


A few moments after the show ended, I went upstairs to say “hi“. I couldn’t. The room was full of girls and cigarettes. Saw him from a distance sitting on a couch between two of them, looking lively and talking nonstop. This somehow made me happy.


Today we feature the album’s first single “Easy, Easy“.