King Charles: Ivory Road

Listen to “Ivory Road” here

      1. King Charles_Ivory Road


King Charles is the Weird Al of silly-sweet lyrics. His poet’s pen is trenching through our heads defeating every piece of love-doubting skepticism with each verbal stroke.  Perhaps its the supposed wisdom shining off that royal mustache, but it seems that sentimental prose could be written in his sleep.

You’re the fastest of the fish
You’re the prickliest pear
You’re a chameleon in the night
You’re the sahara’s sun glare

You’re my mind’s rest
You’re the strings on my guitar
You’re the wax in my mustache
The keys to my car

He conquers his Parliamentary namesake bludgeon with capricious switch ups that grasp our intrigue. “What will arrive next?” our ears ask. They’re home run transitions which fleet seamlessly into one another, whether or not you managed to recognize the substantial change in style ranging from a Motown intro to a folklore Renaissance composition closing in around the bridge. He may call himself a king, but he looks like your neighborhood shaman: Who better to trust than he to call the shots?

Listen to “Love Lust” here

      2. King Charles_Love Lust


The UK-bred, honorary royal made his way to America only to receive the welcoming arms of Universal Republic, along with a record deal to ensure he make himself right at home. Welcome, and long live the lyrical king!