Karl Lagerfeld’s Parisian Apartment

Karl Lagerfeld’s futuristic apartment is located in the Quai Voltaire in Paris. The Kaiser chose the vanguard of contemporary design, and reinvents the concept of the Parisian artist studio in the terms of the twenty-first century. Very design and chic, also I think it’s a little too ‘cold’ for my taste, what do you think?


(left) In the living room, retractable glass walls reveal a small sample of the huge collection of books by Karl Lagerfeld (40 000, through its various residences). The furniture consists of tables Corian Martin Szekely (Kreo gallery), chairs Marc du Plantier, four leather chairs by Jean-Marie Massaud (Cassina) and a pair of coffee tables in aluminum and glass BarberOsgerby (Established & Sons).

Around a table in aluminum and stainless steel by Martin Szekely (Kreo gallery), six chairs MY 68 signed Michael Young (Sawaya & Moroni)


“It’s a place to sleep, bathe and work,” says Karl Lagerfeld about his Paris apartment. Housed in a 1820 building on the Left Bank “which almost collapsed,” it has gone through two and a half years of transformations to achieve a spectacular result of light, glass and metal, made ??of 350 m2. Leaves to break down the walls of eight pieces to give birth to a monumental area that strikes at first by its futuristic where nothing was left to chance.

In the dressing room, Goyard trunks and clothes neatly hung on racks chrome.



I wanted an apartment with glass and transparency everywhere …
And there is no color here, because I am constantly surrounded by color. I prefer to live in a neutral environment.

In the Bedroom, a chair by Jean-Marie Massaud (Cassina) adjoins a console and a convenient Martin Szekely (gallery Kreo) topped with an iPod dock

In the kitchen all stainless steel, refrigerator left contains only Coca-Cola light. The two storage cylinders purchased from Colette contain table linen and household products. Karl Lagerfeld takes on his breakfast.

Karl Lagerfeld’s silhouette is reflected in the frosted glass conceals the large library lounge. A chrome chair Marc Newson and two stools Jasper Morrison (gallery Kreo) face a leather sofa with futuristic shapes, signed Amanda Levete (Established & Sons). Against the wall, Solaris weekly Martin Szekely (Kreo gallery).

In the bedroom the Richelieu embroidery and old quilt covering the bed contrasts with the counting of the walls. Television is itself hidden behind a glass without tin. The hallway leads to dressing.

At one end of the lounge, assembly Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec (Kreo gallery) is the holder of one of the many stations iPod Karl Lagerfeld. On the left, the beginning of a long corridor-display favorite art books of the master of place.

In the bathroom, ultra white lighting bath overlooks a Corian. Scales tailor-made for the towels are reflected in the mirror above a console Martin Szekely (Kreo gallery).
Photos by Karl Lagerfeld
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