Juxtapoz 2012 x Audrey Kawasaki

Juxtapoz rings in the new year with cult-followed artist Audrey Kawasaki, whose work graces the cover of their first issue for 2012. Audrey is most known for her oil on wood works, which manage to come out both innocent yet erotic, attractive yet disturbing. As a graduate of Fine Arts Painting from the Pratt Institute, the young female artist has already mastered a precise technical style influenced by both manga comics and Art Nouveau, painting women who captivate with the direct stare of their bedroom eyes.

18 years of Juxtapoz starting now. In our exclusive interview with Audrey, she discusses her love of video games, Klimt, and her reoccurring character that we just like to call “her”. —Juxtapoz










Juxtapoz and Audrey Kawasaki