Julia Chiang “All For you” Installation @ The Standard NY

Brooklyn based artist Julia Chiang launched with The Standard NY, an exclusive edition of 50 glazed porcelain apples. Along with the launch of the edition, Julia has created a site-specific installation for the new store at The Standard NY, which is opening this Friday, Feb 12.

Using the title of the edition, All For You is spelled out with Ring Pop candy along the wall of the shop. The candy is left to melt over time, constantly transforming, slowly disappearing, while leaving a trace and history of the presence of every single drip…

Chiang chose the apple because it is a symbol of desire and an icon of the city of New York. Each unique apple is handmade in porcelain and glazed a glossy red (3” high x 3 1/2” diameter)

Each piece includes a wooden box that has been burned with the details of the edition and is signed and numbered (5” long x 6” wide x 5 1/4” high)
Available now for $200 at The Standard Online Shop and their NY location starting Friday.

More on Julia Chiang and info of her past work:

Hugs + Kisses, 2009 (Images of this piece courtesy: OHWOW Miami)
Ring Pop candy and nails.
144″ long, 93″ high, 2″ deep
Candy left to melt over time

Julia has lived and worked in NY for over 10 years. She was born in Atlantic City, NJ and believes she has a bit of clairvoyance and luck in her bones. Julia has juggled various roles & day-jobs living in this city but has been making things all the while. She recently returned from an artist residency in the Colorado mountains and was a nominee for The Rema Hort Mann Foundation art grant.

Forever and Ever, 2005
Ring Pop candy and nails.
72” long x 15” high x 2” deep
Candy left to melt over time

She has exhibited her work at places such as: Deitch Projects, The New Museum, OHWOW in Miami, Michael Steinberg Fine Art, Tina Kim Gallery, Printed Matter & in the Kantor/Feuer Window. Julia is an active supporter and contributor to the Bicycle Film Festival, The Creative Center, Visual AIDS, Stoked Mentoring & exalt youth. She is excited to be part of the new Standard Shop and to work with such a great addition to downtown New York.

One of a Kind, 2009
Ring Pop candy and nails.
4’ high x 4’ wide x 2” deep
Candy left to melt over time

More info: Standard NY – Buy Here