Benetton “IT’S MY TIME” Global Casting Competition

The Benetton IT’S MY TIME Global Casting Competition is to find the new faces for the United Colors of Benetton Fall-Winter 2010 advertising campaign! The casting competition started yesterday and the winners will be announced on the 18th March. Have a look at the two videos below. They are really well executed and they will make you laugh !

Its getting more and more popular that huge brand/corporation are using the power of internet and the viral marketing. Why? because they can reach a wider audience and find ‘real people’ that might not be in a agency or even heard about the casting ! Its also way cheaper to spread the word… And Benetton is always on top of the latest advertising/communication strategies.

They are inviting everyone to send your videos/pictures and show what makes you unconventional and unique in your style! So you might have a chance ! Go to for more info