Johnson Banks’ Arkitypo

There’s nothing basic about the ABCs created by London design consultancy Johnson Banks. When commissioned by their client Ravensbourne to test and showcase the in-house 3d prototyping skills and technology, they got to work creating a fantastic typographic project called Arkitypo.

“We set ourselves the brief to develop a 3d alphabet of alphabets. Each letterform is different, each in turn interprets its own alphabet,” states Johnson Banks in their project description. “For each letter, we carried out extensive research, made drawings, built maquettes and did simple 3d visuals on our machines, before handing the ideas over to Ravensbourne’s team.

“There was a period of ‘virtual proofing’ where we examined the ideas as rendered files, and when all parties were happy, we began the printing (which for some letters took as long as eight hours). Some of the ideas worked straight away, some needed refining. Some fell apart, some were perfect, but after about six months solid work by December last year the ‘alphabet’ was ready for the photography you see here.”


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