JJ: High Summer


      1. High Summer


Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander bring Sweden’s Midsummer to our music summer with their “High Summer” (Secretly Canadian) in a distilling vocal commitment wavering between a combination of Pan’s Labyrinth (Javier Navarrete, “Mercedes Lullaby”) and a less polite Ben Gibbard. JJ has been hurling glow-tronic pop fists since the early 90s under Gothenburg indie label, Sincerely Yours.

The duo has raised the volume on their foreign hipster vibe, pairing with subculture specials like The XX and elevating their name as top tier remixers for a slew of hit tracks including a luscious revisit to Chronic 2001 with Dre’s “Still” to Akon’s “Troublemaker,” to last year’s Battlefield 3 theme, “My Life,” and the list goes on. It’s punchy, it’s pulsating, and its beat-a-holic music speaks–if you can escape for some sophisticated sound technology and two seasoned lyricists. Next to “High Summer” is a hungry 5-track EP also titled High Summer released last month just in time for your soiree, your poolside stints, or whatever floats your summer boat. Enjoy JJ’s recent releases and indulge in their previous success if you’re new to their scene.

      2. Still (Dr. Dre)