Nine Circles of Heaven

Lithuanian artist duo Terrible Twins (Ruta Pu & Urte Janus) use photography as their tool for creating new experiences rather than capturing a moment. The duo builds sets, designs costumes, and uses make up and styling elements in order to bring their subjects out of their actual identity and into a surreal character.

3 gluttony

Their work explores various concepts including perceptions of beauty, self identity, contemporary and mass culture, as well as the boundaries between style, sculpture, masquerade and the human body. Their series ‘Nine Circles of Heaven’ has a really unique visual aesthetic to it. Using make up and set design they achieve a very monochromatic graphic style, that one could mistake for actual graphics added in post.

Aside from their visual illusions, the series has a conceptual aspect to it that furthers the work even more, ” Nine Circles of Heaven is an exploration of Sin as a concept perpetuated by western Catholic society and aims to question the authority of such doctrines when describing concepts like virtue and sin, good and bad.”

4 greed

5 anger

6 heresy

8 fraud

9 treachery

7 agresssion

2 lust

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