Jeremy Blincoe’s Wander and Wonder Series

Melbourne based photographer Jeremy Blincoe’s photographic series Wander and Wonder capture ragamuffin-like children wandering through marvelous ‘fairytailesque’ landscapes. Indeed there is a general reminiscent feeling in Blincoe’s work that spurs up ideals of the old Brothers Grimms’ Fairy Tales and other such childhood fables.

Trained at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand, followed by years of working in film, fashion and advertising, has honed and stylized Blincoe’s skills.
Both a large amount of pre and post-production goes into creating these fantastic images. With Blincoe seeking the right location and the right children and props and lighting for each work in a meticulous manor.

Blincoe does not force the story or explanation of how and why these children have found themselves in these landscapes. However these richly mysterious scenes are offered as prompts for our own imagination, out of which we are to find our own narratives.

“Our world can seem so technical and cold. All of us need.. stories to warm our souls.”
– Elfriede Kleinhans on Grimms’ Fairy Tales