Ryan Foote : The Color Series

Ryan Foote is a Melbourne based artist who’s Artwork reflects upon contemporary popular culture and the emergence of trend culture. The work takes the form of large installations and event based artworks that create social spaces that delve into the opulent culture of food, fashion, art, design, and the layering of visual literacy around us.

This all comes together best in one of Foote’s longest running projects, The Dinner Party Project : Color Series, which has been in progress for the past 4 years. This series consists of relational artworks where Foote has been creating one-night installation/ events, that see him create elaborate dinner parties for around 100 guests.

Similarly Foote has created events around a ‘pop up’ bar idea, The Red and Yellow Event, which took place at Melbourne’s Platform Gallery, shows Foote fill the space with bent colored mirrors, distorting the viewers reflection of themselves and intensifying the red and yellow color theme. For the one night event Foote served ten unique hors d’oeuvres – five red and five yellow. The food was installed inside display cabinets moments before the event, each serving was displayed in individual small clear containers and the food was created as molecular gastronomy or a creative vein of cooking.

“The food, the styled models, clothing, lighting and mirrors etc.. are nothing more than props in creating this momentary world I have staged, the artwork lies in that unique moment in time.”

In his latest project Foote concentrates again on his love of fashion and art.
“How my need to create art wins out over my love of fashion, but that not to say I don’t desire to consume fashion.”