Jenny & Johny : Big Wave

Jenny & Johny are quite the pair of talent-drenched partners. When Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley found Jonathon Rice, music-making sparks flew and we benefit fully. Over the years, the two have performed together while touring, but this is the first audible account of their discernible chemistry. The duo released their debut album, I’m Having Fun Now as recently as last week and its had electrifying results. It is the must listen of the day and possibly, your new favorite fall soundtrack.

“Big Wave” is a lively, pop-disguised tribute to the blues of life, but the twosome’s beautiful harmonies let Lewis’ casually sinister remarks go unnoticed. For the most part, it is the delightful melodies that surf their way through each and every sound wave. Enjoy and–I have to say it–surf’s up!

Listen to “Big Wave” Here

      1. Jenny & Johnny -- Big Wave