Jeanne Detallante’s Art

jeanne de tallante-theidentitythief

Parisian artist Jeanne Detallante’s work has been featured in some of the most influential print magazines, including Vogue Italia, Vogue Japan, and GQ for her meticulously rendered illustrations. Living in New York for the past few years she has become even more of a global name in the art world. We are clearly fans of her commissioned fashion work that has been circulating the press but it is impossible to over look her other works which highlight her notion of highly developed concepts, like the Identity Thief featured above.

jeanne de tallante-VOGUE-ITALY-3

jeanne detallante-vogue-nata9

jeanne de tallante-jump

jeanne de tallante-VOGUE-PRIGENT3

jeanne de tallante-VOGUE-ITALY

jeanne de tallante-VOGUE-ITALY-2

jeanne de tallante-GQ

jeanne de tallante-GQ-2

jeanne de tallante-BEJART