Jamie xx: Far Nearer

Listen to “Far Nearer” here

      1. 01 Far Nearer


The beatmaking brother in The xx family, Jamie xx, has had a healthy upbringing in the nurturing confines of ethereal dubstep and whispered sensuality. Such breeding can be heard in the Brit’s newest stunning single, “Far Nearer,” which follows the beloved stylings  of the musical fairytales he so-beautifully creates. The pitched-down Janet Jackson “I Feel Better” sample from her song, “Love Will Never Do (Without You)” is as much the track’s main ingredient as it was its painful delay. Rights and clearance issues kept the single’s release on standby of almost a year, as rumors have it.

In the age of DJs and borrowed samples, I’m certain remix artists like Jamie xx (aka Jamie Smith) have become accustomed to clearance interruptions. The way his spacey synths and steel drums engage our senses, most were willing to wait. Enjoy! It’ll make you feel better.