24 year old Yuanxi Sun from Beijing is one of those Instagram nomads you just got to envy. Working as an in-house womenswear print designer with a masters degree from London, Instagram is the scene where she takes care of her other passion; culinary styling with a dreamy input of how the daily cappuccino in Beijing looks like.


I post images for aesthetics and I always see my gallery as a city guidebook, for those who want to explore the city more.


You have a great mix of interests. You’re a womenswear designer who travels a lot but also into food. Have you always been giving the latter the greatest space on your account?
Yes, I’ve been building up my gallery on Instagram for a year and Instagram has become the only online space where I share my idea for food apart from fashion. I’m working in fashion and I already have a personal website for people to look at, so I just need another platform where I can show others my great passion for food and food styling. My feed is more about lifestyle with a priority of food, sometimes I post a bit of fashion but I still think there shouldn’t be a lot of things going on so most of time I photograph food.

Who is your Instagram for?
I instagram for my own interest and I always look for positive contents. I post images for aesthetics and I always see my gallery as a city guidebook, for those who want to explore the city more.

Your photos are all taken by you. Can this be challenging?
Yes. Finding a good angle while photographing and lighting condition is hard. Sometimes it really frustrates me when the lights are poor, I always prefer natural lights. Coming up with a great caption as well, which I’m always struggling with.

What’s your best advice to achieve a great looking wall and to gain followers?
From my own experience, last summer when I first got suggested on Instagram, I would say great content helps. Accounts about lifestyles are always popular so it’s nice to start with food and fashion. I chose food because I dined out a lot, and this could help getting noticed when you put geographic tag. Another thing I would suggest is that to invite instagrammers from your area for a meeting up, especially those big accounts, as long as they tag you in their photos, you get noticed.

Curated and Written by Kari Sundli