inside chanel the jacket


inside chanel the jacket

The secret behind the Chanel jacket is that it’s actually a men’s jacket. When Gabrielle Chanel designed the piece back in 1954, she wanted to “enable women to move with ease” and “not change their attitude or manner, depending on their dress”. To basically “not feel they were in costume”, which was apparently the order of the day.

All this and more conversational tidbits are revealed in Chanel’s latest three and a half minute digital film, The Jacket, which dropped online just last March 13.

It’s funny to note that a piece, which these days, exudes prim and proper actually started off being quite  avant-garde. Then, fashioned in tweed and paired with knee-length skirts; the Chanel jacket has since ridden the trend waves, thanks to the Lagerfeld touch, and has been embroidered, lengthened, cropped, paired with jeans, and basically designed to shape the times.