Information Gluttony

When it comes to your cell phone, the weight in your pocket is a lot heavier than the advertised 4.55 ounces. The technical specification makes no mention of the psychological burden of being contactable 24/7 and information overload is something we can all relate to.

Myra Wippler, a student at Design Academy Eindhoven explores this concept in her graduation project, a video titled “Information Gluttony.”


The video represents “updates” as an addiction and compares Social Networks to a drug that we inject intravenously, or that we pop like a pill. It’s our cell phones that are tucking us in at night and waking us up in the morning, and we process information like putting an entire newspaper in a blender and drinking it for breakfast.


The video uses inordinate colored objects and monotone backgrounds in a futuristic, yet controlled way. Complementary colors heighten the sense of tension within the moving image. We thought we were in control, that technology aided us in society, but the video questions: Do you consume information, or does information consume you?


Written by Romy Erdos





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