I’m Not a Band: Little Sparks (Feat. Distord Trakz)

Listen to “Little Sparks” here

      1. I'm Not A Band_Little Sparks (Feat Distord Trakz Feat TEef


With a little help from the artist name, “I’m Not a Band,” you might get the feeling that duo Stephen J. Founder and Kassandra P. are no  music conventionalist. Both play the violin and use its mesmerizing qualities perfectly. But don’t get me wrong, these Berlin-based electronic lovers maintain a classical stronghold with an obvious affection for dance-worthy elements. Throughout their track, “Little Sparks,” sometimes you feel like you’re listening to 3 different songs, but they conjoin beautifully with a grain of great surprise. This rare gem is a result of a continent-transcending collaboration with French DJ, Distord Trakz and Englishman, TEef.

[CAUTION! Around 2:20 there is a hip hop addition. Can you handle the mix?]

What is so thrilling about the duo is their constant reference to a sophisticated style while simultaneously breaking a new barrier into explosive electronic beats ready for a night out. The blend is beautifully fun. And the lyrics lend themselves perfectly, “I can’t resist the little spark of happiness.” Hope you share the spark. Also, they’re touring Germany extensively through this summer, so if you’ll be in Deutschland, check ’em out!