Chen Chen’s Designs

Brooklyn based industrial designer Chen Chen has a very interesting point of view. I have a selected a few of his works here which all touch on deconstruction, though in a very abstract form. I was first drawn to his work when I saw his Cold Cut Coasters (featured above and below). In this project Chen Chen collaborated with Kai Tsien-Williams using various materials made into a log form, which they cut into unique cross sections. Pretty Stunning result (and process)!

The Swell Hanging Vase illustrates the interaction between two materials. To create his Swell Vases, Brooklyn artist Chen Chen wraps a netted fabric bag around a glass vessel and injects expanding polyurethane foam into the bag. The foam tries to expand outward while the net tries to contain it; the final form is determined by this tension. Available for retail here.

“Metamorphic Rock” Bookend, 2011
Various stones embedded in cement. Available for retail here.