Illustrations by Matthew Cusick

Exhibiting internationally since 1995, New York-based illustrator Matthew Cusick owns an impressive portfolio of mixed media art. The Texas-born king of collage is widely known for his work with vintage map cut-outs, configuring entire states and countries into credible works of art. As applaudable as this work is, I’m particularly drawn to the colourfully ironic ‘Happy Ending’ series, as well as the religious undertones found within the much more somber portrayals of ‘Constellations’.

‘Happy Endings’ at first glance would appear to connote death, but Cusick reveals that although the images do depict the idea of death in bloom, they are in fact more concerned with sex, with each image eluding a different type of sexually encounter. On the contrary, ‘Constellations’ stems from the artist’s Catholic background with saints, angels and otherworldly beings camouflaged as star formations within the bleak and eerie backdrop of each piece.

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