Il Palazzo Experimental Hotel [ Venice]

Il Palazzo Experimental takes place in an Ancient Palazzo : Ca Molin, an ancient house turned then into Adriatica’s Headquarters (Naval Transport Company) until they closed. The Palazzo offers 32 elegantly designed rooms and suites, and a spacious back garden letting onto a quiet canal. Designer Dorothée Meilichzon’s interior design draws on local signatures like granite terrazzo floors and richly carved wood, with a color palette that reflects the city: sky blue, pale yellow, silvery grey and the terra cotta tones of the building itself.

Il Palazzo Experimental’s restaurant uses only seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients, with an in-house wine bar that emphasizes regional producers. The cocktail bar, designed by Cristina Celestino, is signed Experimental Cocktail Club.

They saved as many architectural existing elements as they could from the existing palazzo : the beams, the huge ceiling height on the first floor, the gallery, the amazing gothic windows or the double wooden doors…

Elements that are already very strong in term of identity, in which they tried to reinforce with strong Venetian inspirations : symmetrical architecture, marbles, many forms of stripes (painted, metal marquetry, fabrics…), “Gothic fleuri” inspiration, colors from the laguna and from the Venetian facades .. And also by using traditional timeless Venetian «savoir faire», such as : black lacquer, traditional cement terrazzo from Venezia, some Marmorino & Calce on walls.

We have worked on the interior of the hotel and the restaurant, using very classical Venetian elements that we love, but also by using more contemporary elements such as tribute to the memphis movement, some bright colors, brushed aluminium, scalloped edges, glass lamps from Luciano Vistosi, breccia capraia marbles, arches on bathtub” Says interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon

The Palazzo’s Dorsoduro neighborhood is slightly off of Venice’s main tourist path, yet hosts Galleria dell’Accademia and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, making it the perfect place to let yourself amble in its charming streets.

Client : Experimental Group
Interior Architecture + Design Of Rooms & Restaurant : Dorothee Meilichzon
Interior Design Of Cocktail Bar : Cristina Celestino
Graphic Design : Cecilia Cappelli
Photography : Karel Balas