Hyper Minimal Yet Colorful Functional Fire Station [Italy]

Pedevilla Architects is known for their simply shaped and monochromatic designs throughout Italy. Their most recognizable and renowned project are two distinctive and minimal fire stations; one is a mustard-yellow building located in the town of Vierschach in South Tyrol, Italy, while the other one is a rose-tinted construction in Taufers, Northern Italy.

What characterizes these two significant, functional fire stations are their hyper minimal, simple shaped constructions. Although the design prioritizes simplicity and the rediction of detail as well as its playful character, Pedevilla organized the buildings to accommodate all the programs required to serve its function; a fire station.

The rose-tinted color emphasizes the originality of the fire station. All surfaces have been realized with pigmented concrete to remark the building’s monolithic character. Dimensions of the construction remain thereby recognizable from the outside, in fact it even amplifies the structures massive appearences.

The construction and material used regarding the mustard-yellow fire station are uniform and compact. The bearing structure made of reinforced concrete and the interior finishes making sure the building is flexible for different uses and future expansion. The compact design is related in size and proportion to the small and fractional residential area in the North, and to the large halls of the Southern industrial area.

Photography by Gustav Willeit.