Humble Pizza Swamped in Pink [London]

Humble Pizza is a new culinary spot on the food map of London. Located in beautiful suburb of Chelsea, the interior was designed by a local Child Studio. “The inspiration for the design came from the staple of British vernacular postwar architecture – the ‘Formica caffs’, which first appeared in London’s West End in the 1950s, several of them have survived intact to this day,” claim the architects who wanted to capture the spirit of city’s coffee culture at its very beginnings.

Clad in pink Formica, the material was developed with a factory from North East England that helped to revive the original line pattern famous in the 70s. Complemented with a floor mosaic and mid-century lighting from Pool Henningsen or Luigi Massoni, Humble’s interior combines subtle retro feel with contemporary charm – a truly Instagram-friendly ensemble.