Heidi Lender’s “She Can Leap Tall Buildings”

Heidi Lender has created maybe one of the cutest ode to mothers. A 15-image series titled “She Can Leap Tall Buildings”, in which Heidi herself—complete with black wig and props—acts out the traditional tasks and roles a woman takes on.

In her touching description, the fashion writer cum photographer reveals: “I was in seventh grade in the 1970s when my mother went back to work. It was a traumatic event in my tween lifetime, returning from school to an empty house, my best friend suddenly absent with a plateful of priorities other than me. Mom played the roles of wife, mother, daughter, income-earner, independent-thinker, hostess, dinner-maker, family accountant, homework tutor and household organizer without a bat of her mascara’d eyelashes… As I move through my own grown-up life with a mountain of responsibilities, I humbly nod to all the superwomen of the world, especially my mother, who amazingly do it all.”