heart of glass galerie elac

“Heart of Glass” Exhibition

heart of glass galerie elac

The Galerie l’Elac is pleased to present the “Heart of Glass” exhibition that aims to conduct research on the material from the perspective of a designer, and to establish a case study of what design research can offer in the university context. It is accompanied – at the same time – by the launch of www.heartofglass.ch accessible on computers, phones and tablets for stepping through a project database, as well as a publication. “Heart of Glass” is the result of a research project HES-SO organized in the context of the Master of Product Design at ECAL / University of Art and Design Lausanne. Structured around four workshops, the project uses the school’s multidisciplinary strength it involved master students, assistants and professors as well as young graduates in the fields product design, fine arts, photography and interaction design to explore the possibilities offered by glass as a material in different contexts.


The exhibition “Heart of Glass” has already started on January 22 at Galerie l’Elac and will continue until February 20, 2015.

Via Design Do.se – More information at www.heartofglass.ch