Green Finger Syndrome

Did you know that gardening is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide? The green finger syndrome has spread across the globe and if ever in doubt as to why people are so inclined to spend a day on their hands and knees digging up the earth, science has all the answers.

Biophilia is the hypothesis that humans have a natural inclination to be close to nature. No wonder so many display affection towards plants and other living things. If it is part of human nature then everyone deserves a garden.

While gardening is an ancient habit, practices such as vertical gardening are just starting to take center stage, making gardening accessible to those who do not have the outdoor space but still have the green finger syndrome.

But gardening’s most profound psychological effect is its incessant reminder of life’s cycle. Watching plants grow, flourish, and die is a sure way to extend the world stage to nature. Taking care of a garden, whether is the country or in a bustling city, has numerous benefits including stress relief. Here’s a few tips to incorporate this practice into your life.

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.

– Gertrude Jekyll


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interior gardening
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