Gap’s Identity Crisis

What is wrong with Gap?! Their new Logo redesign is totally crap pathetic! They have replaced their iconique, serify blue square to a black Helvetica with a tiny gradient blue square. The logo has sparked fierce controversy in the design world and on twitter, even to the point that they have their own twitter to argue with haters… Of course a brand is more than a logo, butas far as logos go, Gap’s is an icon. There are also a lot of references to another infamous rebrand: Tropicana.

I really like how FastCompany writer Alissa Walker put it: ” When your look is so classic and conservative any attempt at rewinding 40 years with no context is like a parent trying to convince their kids of their awesomeness. “I swear, I WAS COOL!”

“The use of something as pedestrian as Helvetica just looks like they’re trying to nudge themselves into American Apparel hipness!”

ISO50, is running a redesign contest with dozens of submissions already envisioning how a new Gap should look.

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Update: It looks like its Laird + Partners is the creative agency behind the Gap logo redesign, but this was not 100% clear based on the info on their company website.