Gabriel Wickbold: Sexual Colors

Brazilian born, Sao Paolo based  photographer Gabriel Wickbold is 27 years old and self taught, “I picked up some tips from my photographer friends, and made a research laboratory in my studio,” he recalls. “Every day I discover how to do different kinds of lighting. But for me, it’s about much more than the perfect lighting setup. It’s about the perfect vibe.” His bright color palate and passionate sexual energy seem to scream of his nationality, Brazil is pure rawness with a sense of pride in the half naked bodies scattered throughout .  There is not much puritan thinking down there, and Wickbold’s wet,sticky series “Sexual Color’s” is a great example of that.


His latest project, ‘Sexxfashion’ series as seen below,  he engages us in an evocative play of light and color ; suggesting shape  through the use of sheer fabric which almost looks like lurex tightly puled over the body. The result are strange, creepy almost fetus like images, perhaps Wickbold is using this as an  investigation of anonymity within a creative context..

Wickbold has worked in numerous artistic genres including poetry, music, and he studied television broadcasting. He has no formal education in photography, however Wickbold believes that “photographic technique is so basic that what truly makes the difference is feeling and composition.” As he began his journey into photography,he took a year off and drove around Brazil photographing any and everything. His talent is evident in the images below…… to take so many different kinds of images.

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