Futuristic 70s with Lee Broom’s Time Machine Installation [Milan]

Trendland’s friend and talented lighting designer Lee Broom has been revealed his Time Machine Installation at Milan Design Week 2017. Celebrating his landmark tenth anniversary, Broom has unveiled furniture, lighting and accessories from the past ten years all reimagined for today in new materials and finishes.

Set inside a disused vault in the famous and historic Milano Centrale station, the location provides a memorable and atmospheric backdrop for Broom’s anniversary collection of limited edition pieces. As part of the exhibition and to mark the anniversary, Broom unveiled a new and exclusive design in the form of a limited edition handcrafted Carrara marble grandfather clock.

All reimagined in white, Broom’s designs take on a cohesive uniformity with the purity of the palette additionally illustrating the silhouette of the product, creating a simpler more modern aesthetic with each piece taking on a new personality. Limited to ten editions of each design, the collection is the first limited edition collection since Broom’s debut collection ‘Neo Neon’ in 2007.

The collection is presented on a dramatic and modernist interpretation of a fairground carousel placed in the centre of the Milano Centrale station vault. The carousel which revolves, provides an engaging way of presenting a retrospective of Broom’s decade in design by combining drama, sound, movement and illumination and creating a metaphor representing the lifecycle the brand has journeyed throughout the past 10 years.

Built at the famous Pinewood film studios in the UK, the carousel at over 6 meters wide and over 4 meters in height, displayed within the 340 sq meter vault, is Broom’s largest show to date. Upon entering the derelict vault, the carousel providing the only illumination to the space becomes a playful and serene beacon, its cinematic, Kubrick-esque theatricality creating a memorable narrative to poignantly mark Broom’s anniversary show and his step into his next decade of design.

Keeping with the essence of time and in addition to the reimagined ten-year collection, Broom has designed a new exclusive piece in the form of a marble grandfather clock. Hand-crafted from Carrara marble, the monolithic structure takes centre stage in the exhibition and features a traditional engineered clock mechanism with solid brass pendulum, weight and hands. With a desire to create a grandfather clock for many years, the celebration of Broom’s decade of design was a timely and natural choice to release the statuesque piece. The clock is also a limited edition piece with only ten being produced in celebration of the past ten years, one for each year.

Showcased for one week only from 4th – 9th April 2017
Ventura Centrale | Via Ferrante Aporti 15 | 20125 Milano
Dates: Wednesday 5th April – Saturday 8th April 2017, 10am – 8pm | Sunday 9th April, 10am – 6pm


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